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Access to an active Lifestyle for all

A network of outdoor, equipment-share lockers offering fitness, recreational, sports and game equipment

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A unique amenity offering a positive service for any community

OpenGym is growing a network of outdoor (solar powered) equipment lockers.  Offering customized equipment options for all interests and abilities. As an amenity offered by the property owner, members of the community can access OpenGym at no cost. Our mobile app allows users to select the equipment they want in a  self-service manner, use as they please, and simply return to go on their way. OpenGym is an inclusive service offering a positive experience and physical health for the entire community.  

OpenGym is also offering suggested fitness exercises through our mobile platform.  Custom fitness programming for individual fitness goals is on the horizon.   

How it works

Where can OpengGym Operate?

Apartment Building

Apartment Buildings

Hotel Swimming Pool

Hotels and Resorts

Public Park

Public Parks and Beaches

An OpenGym Locker can be placed anywhere where you can plug into an outlet or get plenty of sun (using our solar option). We handle the installation and you get to offer an awesome new amenity.

How do you use an OpenGym Locker?

Start by going to on your mobile device. You can scan the QR code below if you're on your computer.

1. Find a location

Open our app to view your nearest OpenGym locations

2. Workout 

Simply walk up to the OpenGym and select desired equipment

3. Return equipment

Place the equipment in assigned locker space and close the door.

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